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Cigars & Pipes

You can be sure that at Tobacco Palace Inc., you'll always find the premium selection of cigars & pipes you're looking for! Stop in today to check out our exceptional inventory of tobacco & tobacco accessories!

We also have a selection of convenience store supplies and lottery tickets.

   • Save 15% on Full Box

   • Wide variety of cigar brands

   • Save 10% on Cigar Bundles

   • Wooden pipes

   • Metal pipes

   • Filter Pipes

Choosing a Cigar at Your Tobacco Shop

There are hundreds of different brands and styles of cigars so even if you are an experienced cigar smoker, choosing one from the wide variety available at a tobacco shop can be overwhelming. The best way to determine the best fit for you is to experiment with different brands and types. But where to start?

First, determine for how long you would like the cigar to last. The wider and longer the cigar, logically, the longer it will take to smoke. So, if you would have a time limit, choose a thinner and shorter cigar but if you are looking to hang out for a while and enjoy a long smoke, choose the opposite. You are in no way sacrificing flavor or quality if you choose a smaller cigar so do not let that be a factor.

Next, decide on the shape of the cigar as they come in a myriad of different shapes. Feel free to ask the tobacconist to show you some of the different shapes so you can hold them and see what feel you prefer.

Next, choose a gauge, or diameter, you would like. For reference, the diameter is measured in 64ths of an inch. A larger gauge will take longer to smoke. Also note that a larger gauge will mean less of the flavor is coming from the wrapper, and more from the tobacco inside of the cigar.

Lastly, inspect the cigar. With cigars, you really can judge a book by its cover. Be sure there are no tears, gaps, flaking or any sign that it is dried out. The tobacco shop should have a humidor in place to keep them from drying out. If they are dried out they will not burn properly. Give the cigar a squeeze to ensure that it is packed nice and firm. This is important so the cigar does not fall apart while you are smoking it. 

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