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Colonel Conk & Merkur Shave Products

The Legend of Colonel Conk

After the Civil War Colonel Conk was left penniless. In 1866 he traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico where he met a woman who owned numerous barber shops in the area. She shaved faces daily in her shops. A short time later they got married. At this time Colonel Conk became proficient in barbering, helping his wife with clients and keeping the books for the business. It was then he had a thought. Why not package the products they use daily in the shop and sell them across the west. This idea made Colonel Conk one of the original traveling salesmen, crisscrossing the old west. Obviously this led to a great deal of money allowing Colonel Conk to become wealthy for that time period and age. He continued running the business until his death in 1898. Years late the current owners discovered the legacy and revived it. It is now the business you know today.


All Colonel Conk products are made with all natural oils and ingredients. A large portion of the products are plant based. All are made in the USA as well as being wheat, nut and gluten free. There are also:

  • NO artificial colors

  • NO dyes

  • NO synthetic fragrances

  • NO animal testing 

Colonel Conk Products & Steps

  • 1ST STEP
    Pre Shave Oil: crafted to raise hairs before your shave and provide an extra layer of lubrication which many wet shavers enjoy.
  • 2ND STEP
    Shave Cream: designed to moisturize your skin and not dry it out. the lather doesn't break down before you're done shaving.
  • 3RD STEP
    After Shave Lotion: a natural protective shield to moisturize your face. resists the effects of water and sweat. it also contains tea tree oil, popular for it's natural healing properties and ability to reduce allergic skin reactions
  • 4TH STEP
    Beard Oil: tames your beard, adds mild shine and moisturizes the skin under your beard to prevent itching and irritation.
  • 5TH STEP
    Beard Wash: this consists of beard shampoo, beard conditioner and argan oil which nourishes hair and moisturizes the skin underneath.
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