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Roll Your Own (RYO) TOBACCO Lancaster, PA

The world of RYO can be daunting and difficult to maneuver. With so many options and variety of products some folks don't know where to start. At Tobacco Palace we offer a selection of different brands to help get you started. Whether you are looking to start small and just give RYO a try or you want to jump in and get all the supplies we have you covered. 


What Is the Difference Between RYO Pipe Tobacco & RYO Cigarette Tobacco?

The pipe tobacco that is used in RYO is not as finely shredded as cigarette tobacco. It typically comes in a bag. The size is anywhere from a 3oz bag up to a 1lb bag. It is labeled as pipe tobacco to help the consumer save money.

Cigarette tobacco is finely shredded and costs more than pipe tobacco. It comes in pouches or cans. Pouches are usually 1.5 ounces, while cans weigh about 5 ounces. 

We chose three different videos that show you how to roll with
the three most common machines.

The hardest part of the RYO process is learning how to use the machines.

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