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Zippo & Vector Lighters

Zippo lighters have been around since the 1930's, and it all started at a town right her in Pennsylvania known as Bradford, PA. The creator of Zippo, Mr. Blaisdell, watched a friend struggling to light his Austrian-made lighter as the lighter required the use of two hands to be lit and the thin metal dented easily. However, he noticed the lighter worked well, even in the wind, due to the chimney design surrounding the flame. Mr. Blaisdell decided to reconstruct the Austrian lighter. He designed and fabricated a rough version of the Zippo you love today. The original Zippo was sold for $1.95 and backed by Zippo's lifetime guarantee of "It works or we fix it free." The application for the original Zippo patent was filed on May 17, 1934 and was granted on March 3, 1936. 

Lancaster County PA zippo lighter


Zippo was greatly impacted by WWII. Zippo halted all production of lighters and focused on production for the U.S. Military. This is when they invented the black crackle finish. Millions of soldiers and military personnel carried the lighter daily.

The name "Zippo" comes from the word "zipper". Mr. Blaisdell liked the sound of the word and formed many variations before settling on "Zippo" which he felt had a modern sound.

Zippo's come in a wide array of colors and designs. They create everything from Military designs to dragons, sports teams to animal themes, famous musicians and bands to Jack Daniel's.  We here at Tobacco Palace carry over 400 different unique Zippos. We have a small collection of vintage Zippo's as well as a selection of collectible and Armor case Zippos. Stop in and check them out today.

Just in time for the upcoming Valentine's Holiday we have the "Mysteries of the Forest" Zippo set. One for you and one for your loved one. Only $100.

Zippo now has their own brand of inserts. Make your lighter a single or double torch or a rechargeable arc flame.

Vector is well known for their butane torch lighters. These lighters are excellent for lighting your cigar. They come in single, double, triple and quadruple flames for cigars of any ring guage. Many styles include a cigar punch. All Vector's are refillable and come with a 5 year warranty. If you're looking to entertain while enjoying your cigars Vector offers table top lighters. Their newest addition is the Electron with plasma arc technology.

5 Easy Steps to Refill Your Butane Torch

  • 1ST STEP
    Pre Shave Oil: crafted to raise hairs before your shave and provide an extra layer of lubrication which many wet shavers enjoy.
  • 2ND STEP
    Shave Cream: designed to moisturize your skin and not dry it out. the lather doesn't break down before you're done shaving.
  • 3RD STEP
    After Shave Lotion: a natural protective shield to moisturize your face. resists the effects of water and sweat. it also contains tea tree oil, popular for it's natural healing properties and ability to reduce allergic skin reactions
  • 4TH STEP
    Beard Oil: tames your beard, adds mild shine and moisturizes the skin under your beard to prevent itching and irritation.
  • 5TH STEP
    Beard Wash: this consists of beard shampoo, beard conditioner and argan oil which nourishes hair and moisturizes the skin underneath.
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