Facts About Kratom...

- Kratom is a tropical evergreen from the coffee family. It grows naturally in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

- A naturally occuring plant it contains two potent chemicals

    * Mitragynine is more prominent with mild opioid effects

    * 7-Hydroxymitragynine is less prominent but 13x more         potent than Morphine milligram for milligram

- Kratom is highly addictive though not as dangerous as heroin and Fentanyl. It has a lower risk of stopping breathing than stronger Opioids. It is also used to help those who used to be addicted to Opioids. they replace one with the other.

- When taken in small amounts Kratom users report increased energy and alertness.

- When taken in large quantities it has been known to decrease pain. However there are numerous side affects such as racing heartbeat, nausea and high blood pressure

- However unlike prescription drugs the quantities of active ingredients can change with each plant and be altered so that you never know the strength.

- Kratom is not something we will be selling. We feel enough research has not been done to support selling it. 





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