Aging Cigars - How Aged is Aged Enough?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Aging is a complex process which requires special attention. While all cigars show some degree of maturity from additional aging, not all cigars age well. A common misconception is that a cigar which was rolled with “new” tobacco will lose its bite and harshness through humidor aging. No amount of humidor aging will mellow “new” or un-cured tobacco. The best cigars for aging are those which are well balanced and enjoyable to begin with.

Proper aging requires a designated humidor which will not be used for daily use. It should have a capacity that exceeds the amount of cigars to be aged by at least 20%. Cigars should be placed in the humidor without cellophane. Allow for space for the head and foot of the cigars evenly. The humidity source should be one that can exceed 70% humidity. Aging cigars should be kept at 70%-79% humidity depending on the thickness of the wrapper. Thicker wrappers require higher levels of humidity. Once desired age is achieved a cigar should be brought to 70% before smoking.


Recommended Aging High Primes (Thicker Wrappers) Maduro/Habano/Corojo/Habano 2000/Criollo/Sumatra/3-7 years

2-3 Primes (Medium Wrappers) Low Primes/Ecuador Connecticut/2-5 years

1st Cut (Thinner Wrappers) USA Connecticut/Cameroon/1-4 years

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