CBD Oil Products in Lancaster, PA

We are carrying a new product grown locally here in Lancaster. The companies name is Lancaster County Cannabis. They offer

      - Tincture           - Body Lotion

      - Muscle Cream    - Soap

      - CBD Flower

We just added a great new LOCAL CBD company, SAI Herbal Farms. They grow their hemp hydroponically and freeze dry the plant instead of the usual drying process. The result is an amazing smelling and awesomly green color.

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Our Lancaster, PA shop carries a wide range of CBD products for all your needs:

  • E-juice

  • Tincture

  • Gummies

  • CBD Flower

  • Pre-filled Disposable CBD Vapes & Tanks

  • Pain Creme

  • Capsules

  • CBD for pets

  • Honey Sticks

  • Hemp Cigarettes w/No Nicotine!

CBD Oil - "An All Natural Health Product" 

CBD (Cannabidiol) oils can help with a range of problems such as pain, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, anxiety and more. We have a ton of CBD items, from edibles to pain cream, vape juice to tincture, and pre-filled CBD tanks to CBD dip pouches. All of it with great benefits and no THC, nicotine or unwanted chemicals. 


One of CBD’s most promising implications have been in its anti-anxiety properties. Some pet owners have even reported that using CBD oil on their dogs has helped treat their anxiety issues. Early clinical trials have shown that this seems to be the case for both humans and animals.


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New to CBD Oils?


Visit our shop in Lancaster, PA and ask our friendly staff any questions you have about CBD oils before you buy. We would be happy to help you find the best CBD products to meet your needs! For those wondering, CBD oil is legal in Pennsylvania.

Tobacco Palace is conveniently located in the Park City Center mall in Lancaster, PA. We're within easy driving distance of East Petersburg, Rohrerstown, Millersville, Lampeter and Conestoga.





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